Regional Center Terminations

Regional Center Terminations

USCIS will issue a Notice of Intent to Terminate a regional center’s participation in the Immigrant Investor Program if the regional center:

  • Fails to submit required information to USCIS; or
  • No longer serves the purpose of promoting economic growth.

For our legal authority, see 8 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 204.6(m)(6).

Response Time

The regional center must be provided 30 days from receipt of the Notice of Intent to Terminate to offer evidence opposing the ground or grounds alleged in the notice.  (See 8 CFR 204.6(m)(6).)

Note: A Notice of Intent to Terminate (NOIT) does not prevent the regional center from continuing to operate. A NOIT is not the same as a Notice of Termination.  Depending on the decision, a NOIT may or may not lead to termination.


We review any response to the Notice of Intent to Terminate and decide whether or not to terminate the regional center’s designation.

If we do not terminate the designation, we will notify the regional center through a Notice of Reaffirmation. This notice means that the regional center remains approved to participate in the Immigrant Investor Program.

If we terminate the designation, we will notify the regional center of the reasons through a Notice of Termination of the regional center’s participation in the Immigrant Investor Program.

Appeals and Motions

A terminated regional center may appeal the decision. In addition to, or instead of, filing an appeal, a terminated regional center may file a motion to reopen and/or reconsider the decision.

For filing information, see 8 CFR 103.3 and 103.5 and visit

Terminated Regional Centers

A regional center that USCIS has terminated from the EB-5 program may not solicit, generate or promote investors or investments, or otherwise participate as a designated regional center in connection with the Immigrant Investor Program.

Note: An EB-5 investor’s conditional permanent resident status, if already obtained, is not automatically terminated if that individual has invested in a new commercial enterprise associated with a regional center that USCIS terminates. The investor will continue to have the opportunity to demonstrate compliance with EB-5 program requirements.  For more details on the compliance requirements, visit EB-5 Immigrant Investor Process.

Below is a list of EB-5 regional centers whose participation in the Immigrant Investor Program has been terminated. These regional centers no longer appear on the list of approved regional centers.

USCIS has terminated 41 regional centers as of Feb. 23 , 2016.

Regional Center Name Regional Center ID Termination Date State(s)
List of EB-5 Terminated Regional Centers
U.S. Investment Regional Center, LLC


2/22/2016 Arizona
Luca Energy Fund Regional Center
ID1031910023 2/2/2016 Texas
Chicago Regional Center ID1131350349 1/5/2016 Illinois
Twin Development LLC Regional Center ID1031910168 12/8/2015 Washington
Spring Hill Homes LP Regional Center ID1229350789 10/22/2015 Texas
USA Lifestyles Regional Center ID1034750122 10/13/2015 Maine
Next Bay Properties, LLC ID1031910043 10/1/2015 California
EB-5, MRC LLC ID1031910165 6/9/2015 Michigan
SZNW ID1222050729 5/28/2015 California
Coastal Carolina Regional Center ID1034250072 5/15/2015 South Carolina
New Jersey Liberty Regional Center ID1127750327 5/15/2015 New Jersey
Front Burner Restaurants Regional Center – Southern California ID1323551198 5/14/2015 California
Louisiana Mississippi Regional Center ID1031910130 5/13/2015 Louisiana
Tennessee Regional Center, LLC ID1031910190 5/7/2015 Tennessee
US HITEC Regional Center ID1034750120 5/4/2015 Illinois
LaSalle County Business Development Center LLC ID1031910115 5/4/2015 Illinois
Nevada California Regional Center ID1031910063 4/21/2015 Nevada
Ariel International Regional Center ID1303951082 3/27/2015 Texas
Palm Coast Florida Regional Center ID1031910109 3/18/2015 Florida
New Jersey Regional Center, LLC ID1031910129 3/9/2015 New Jersey
American Life Ventures Everett, LLC ID1031910141 3/9/2015 Washington
Silicon Valley Venture Investment Regional Center ID1031910175 2/25/2015 California
Tucker Development Corporation Regional Center ID1034250065 2/23/2015 Michigan
Buffalo Regional Center ID1031910122 2/23/2015 New York
Midwest EB-5 Regional Center, LLC ID1031910178 2/13/2015 Kentucky
Hollywood Beach Regional Center ID1034250075 10/8/2014 Florida
Invest US Regional Center ID1031910206 9/29/2014 Wyoming
Gateway Georgia Regional Center ID1207950613 9/29/2014 Georgia
South West Bio Fuel RC LLC ID1031910147 9/29/2014 Texas
South Florida EB-5 Regional Center ID1207250612 8/15/2014 Florida
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center ID1135450412 8/15/2014 Michigan
Kansas BioFuel Regional Center LLC ID1031910150 8/15/2014 Kansas
Ecorntech Regional Center ID1031910120 8/15/2014 Wisconsin
Lake Buena Vista RC ID1031910135 7/23/2012 Florida
USA Now Regional Center ID1031910031 3/28/2014 Texas
North Carolina Center for Foreign Investments, LLC ID1031910116 12/3/2013 North Carolina
Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago ID1031910085 11/20/2013 Illinois
Mamtek Regional Center ID1105950169 4/11/2012 Missouri
El Monte Regional Center ID1031910138 9/19/2011 California
Victorville RC ID1031910251 10/20/2010 California
Unibex Global Corporation ID1031910224 5/30/2008 Texas

An asterisk (*) next to a regional center’s name means that the regional center is currently appealing the decision to the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office.

A regional center that has been terminated from the EB-5 program may not solicit, generate or promote investors or investments for any other EB-5-related projects, or otherwise participate in the Immigrant Investor Program.

Note: This page is provided for informational purposes only. USCIS plans to update this page periodically but makes no claims that the published list of terminated regional centers is complete, timely or accurate. Any use or reliance on the information provided is strictly at your own risk. Please see USCIS Website Policies for further information.

This page does not represent a legal notice or investment advice of any kind. Potential investors should always do their own research and consult with a financial professional before making any investment decision. USCIS has issued a joint advisory with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Investor Alert: Investment Scams Exploit Immigrant Investor Program. The SEC offers free investor education materials. For more information, visit

To request that information on this page be updated, a regional center’s official point of contact may write to or:

USCIS Headquarters, Immigrant Investor Program
131 M Street NE, Mailstop 2235
Washington, DC 20529

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