April 7

AILA: Despite Avalanche of H-1B Petitions, Outdated Cap Means American Economy is Still Missing Out


AILA President Victor Nieblas Pradis commented on the H-1B visa cap being reached and that a lottery will be held again noting, “Each petition not selected is a business need unfulfilled and a growth opportunity that is delayed or thwarted.”


March 28

Attention all L-1, H-1B, E, or Labor Certification Filing Companies

The Web-based Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE) is a tool designed to enhance USCIS’s adjudications of certain employment-based immigration petitions. VIBE uses commercially available data from an independent information provider (IIP) to validate basic information about companies or organizations petitioning to employ certain alien workers. Update or list your company information in VIBE If your entity is a U.S.-based privately held company or organization and you would like to create, verify or correct its D&B record, you may contact D&B directly online through the firm’s new streamlined process for U.S.-based privately held USCIS petitioners and other U.S. government customers. You may access this process via D&B’s iUpdate for U.S. government customers at http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform. Contacting D&B from this link will allow these USCIS petitioners to create, update and view basic elements of their company’s or organization’s D&B report without being subjected to direct marketing from D&B.

March 24

Montreal to Handle All Fiancé(e) Visa Interviews in Canada

Starting 4/1/16, the U.S. Consulate General in Vancouver will no longer process K-1 visas. The U.S. Consulate General in Montreal will be the interviewing site for all K visas in Canada. This change will allow Mission Canada to more efficiently schedule and adjudicate K visa applications.

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